Civilian Education System (CES)


Civilian Education System (CES)

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  • Foundation Course (All grades hired after Sep 2006)

    – This is a Distant Learning course designed for all employees GS1-GS15 to participate in self-paced (not to exceed 6 Months) course consisting of modules that provide an orientation to being an Army Civilian and an introduction to the Army.FREQUENCY: INITIAL ENTRY- ONE TIME REQUIREMENT TIME TO COMPLETE: 44 ACAD hours

  • Basic Course (GS1-9)

    – The BC consists of a dL course and a two week resident course. The resident course will be taken after successful completion of the dL course and takes place in a university setting encompassing a classroom environment and small group seminars. The dL phase must be completed prior to taking the resident phase. The time length between completing the dL course and beginning the resident course should not exceed 180 days. FREQUENCY: ONE TIME REQUIREMENT TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 weeks

  • Intermediate Course (GS10-12)

    – This course is focused on preparing Army Civilians for increased responsibilities to exercise direct and indirect leadership and supervision. It will enhance your ability to lead people and manage human and financial resources. You will be able to develop a cohesive and effective organization. You will increase your ability to be flexible and resilient while accomplishing the mission. Program Details The IC consists of a dL course and a three-week resident course. FREQUENCY: ONE TIME REQUIREMENTTIME TO COMPLETE: 3 weeks

  • Advanced Course (GS13-15)

    – This course is designed for Civilian leaders in permanent appointment supervisor or managerial positions and who are adaptive, innovative, self-aware, and capable of effectively leading a complex organization, guiding programs, and managing associated resources. The training focus is on strategic thinking and assessment, change management, developing a cohesive organization, managing a diverse workplace, and management of resources. FREQUENCY: ONE TIME REQUIREMENT TIME TO COMPLETE: 4 weeks

  • CESL (GS14-15)

    – The CESL is conducted through blended learning – pre-course work and a 4.5-day resident course. The resident course consists of both small and large group activities. The course structure is a combination of guest speakers and interactive exercises on subjects like National Security Personnel Challenges, Strategic Thinking, Knowledge Management, and Cultural Well Being. Updates on Army initiatives are also included in the program. FREQUENCY: ONE TIME REQUIREMENT TIME TO COMPLETE: 4.5 days

  • Supervisor Development Course (All Supervisors)

    – This course is entirely Distance Learning. Students have 120 days from the time of enrollment to complete this course. Once 120 days has passed, the course will no longer be accessible and students will have to register again. There a final test at the end of the course. Students must score at least an 80% to pass the course and will have two opportunities to pass the test.FREQUENCY: ONCE EVERY 3 YEARS TIME TO COMPLETE: 39 ACAD hours

  • Resident Supervisor Development Course (All Supervisors)

    – This four day course is designed to arm supervisors on Fort Jackson with the knowledge and information they will need to best lead the installation workforce. It is a onetime requirement for all supervisors. Please note that this course is NOT in lieu of the mandatory online Supervisor Development Course. Send seat requests to XXX. XXXXXXX  at FY 17 Class Schedule: 05-08 DEC 2016, 07-10 MAR 2017, 27-30 JUN 2017, and 12-15 SEP 2017.