Mandatory Face-To-Face Training


Mandatory “Face-To-Face” Training (AR 350-1)

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  • Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

    – This is a Face to Face course. ASAP is formerly known as the Army Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Control Program is to educate and train Soldiers and Civilians about drugs and alcohol and the potential pact/consequences of use and/or abuse. FREQUENCY: Annual TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 hours (Click here for Schedule)

  • EEO/No Fear

    This training is targeted toward all employees to provide training on defining sexual harassment, identifying incidents of sexual harassment, and taking responsibility for prevention. Training will include opportunities for role-play and discussion around cases designed to discriminate between gender discrimination and sexual harassment.
    2017: 9 JAN, 27 JAN, 3 FEB, 10 FEB & 24 FEB
    The non-supervisor course will be offered from 0900-1100 and the Supervisor course will be offered 1300-1500 on the above dates.
    The trainings will be held in the Auditorium of the Ed Center.


    – This course is delivered Face to Face. This is a Face-to Face course. This course is specifically designed to teach civilian on the proper way to intervene when someone is exposed to harassment and/or has been sexually assaulted. This training focuses on the different ways to report, receive help, and where to look for resources. FREQUENCY: Annual TIME TO COMPLETE: 1.5 hours (Click here for Schedule)

  • Suicide Prevention

    – This is a Face to Face course. This course is designed to offer training and resources to all personnel who would be able to assist in saving another’s life from the individual’s own self harm. This course is open to all employees. FREQUENCY: AnnualTIME TO COMPLETE: 2 hours (Click here for Schedule)

  • Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP)

    – The Fort Jackson Field Office currently conducts open TARP briefings at 4370 Strom Thurmond from 0930-1030. These briefings are offered on a first come first serve basis!!! FREQUENCY: Annual TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 hours2017: 11 JAN, 22 FEB, 29 MAR, 26 APR, 31 MAY, 28 JUN, 26 JUL, 30 AUG, 27 SEP, 25 OCT, 29 NOV, 27 DEC 2017
    All classes will be in the Building 4370 Strom Thurmond Blvd. Classroom A from 0930-1030.

  • Training Stand-up Day

    – (Click here for Schedule)

  • Transgender Training.

    – Each Garrison Directorate will conduct a Train the Trainer (T3) system to educate and train their GS civilians on the Army’s policy on the military service of transgender Soldiers. (Click here for Training Slides)