Casualty Assistance Center (CAC)


“Serving People Is Our Business”


To provide information concerning services provided by the Casualty Assistance Center (CAC). The CAC is a multi-functional work center, which handles actions involving the military service of Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve members. The CAC is the go-to on all Army casualty issues and guidance for the area of responsibility for South Carolina to include: Benefits and Entitlements; Casualty Assistance; Casualty Assistance Officer Information; Funeral/Mortuary Affairs; Honors Program; and Line of Duty investigations.

Areas of Responsibility Include:

  1. Casualty Operations and Assistance:

Our mission is to assist our Army families in emotionally stressful times of bereavement. We appoint dedicated professionals to aid those families. For more information, call 803-751-4519/7820.

  1. Military Funeral Honors:

Current Army policy is that full Military Funeral Honors are provided for active duty Soldiers, retirees, and Medal of Honor recipients. Full Military Funeral Honors consist of six casket bearers, who also act as the firing party, an officer or noncommissioned officer in charge, a chaplain, and bugler. Veterans, upon request, will be provided a two-Soldier flag folding team and the interment flag presentation. Funeral Homes, which have not previously requested funeral honor support from the Fort Jackson Casualty Assistance Center, please contact us at 803-751-7980/4611. To request Military Funeral Honors, email the electronically completed Funeral Honor Request Form (FJ Form 11-E) to our email address at or fax to 803-751-3769, along with DD Form 214, Honorable Discharge Certificate, or other proof of Honorable service by the deceased individual. For more information, call 803-751-4611/7980.

  1. Line of Duty Investigation:

Our mission is to serve as approving authority for formal and informal LOD investigations on behalf of the Secretary of the Army; review LOD investigations for compliance with applicable regulations; and prescribe policies and procedures for investigating the circumstances of disease, injury, or death of a Soldier. These policies and procedures provide standards and considerations used in determining LOD status. For more information, refer to Army Regulation 600-8-4 (Line of Duty Policy, Procedures, and Investigations) or call 803-751-4611/7980.

  1. Casualty Notification Officer/Casualty Assistance Officer Training:

Our mission is to train the Casualty Notification Officers (CNO) and Casualty Assistance Officers (CAO) on Fort Jackson. Units are to contact the Training Instructor to schedule a training session IAW Appendix 16, FJ OPORD 15-10-001. Attendees are recommended to print out the training handouts prior to attending the training session. The training handouts are located in the DHR public folder at:

5450 Strom Thurmond Blvd, Room 216, Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday Hours: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

(*We will be closed on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month from: 1330 hrs-1700 hrs*)