Permanent Party Processing


Permanent Party Processing Work Center - Processing (PPPWC-P)

“Serving People Is Our Business”


To service all Permanent Party Officers and Enlisted Soldiers assigned or attached and its tenant agencies with the highest degree of customer and personnel services.

Phone Numbers:

Work Center Supervisor:  (803) 751-2753, DSN 734-xxxx

Team Supervisor – Personnel:  (803) 751-4895

Personnel Customer Service Desk:  (803) 751-7673

Team Supervisor – ID Cards:  (803) 751-6024

ID Cards Customer Service Desk:  (803) 751-7731

Effective immediately, all incoming permanent party Soldiers that report after normal duty hours are to report to the IHG Army Hotel, Fort Jackson Inn, located at 7550 Benning Road to sign-in to Fort Jackson.  The Soldier will stamp the last page of their order and sign the in-processing log. In-process Fort Jackson, all permanent party Soldier are to report to room 200, 5450 Strom Thurmond Blvd, the next duty day during the hours of operations.  (NOTE: The DHR is closed on all Federal Holidays and from 1330-1700 on the first and third Thursday of each month for mandatory training).

If additional information is needed there are two information centers (maps), one at the intersection of Semmes Road and Marion Avenue and another in Patriot Park in front of the Solomon Center.

Services Provided:  ERB/ORB updates, name change, married couple program (MACP), Statement of Services, Permanent Party Transition, In-Out Processing and ID Cards Services

PPPWC-P, room 200 & 207

Customer Service Desk:  (803)751-7673/DSN: 734-7673

Hours of Operations:  Monday – Friday:  0730 – 1700

Walk-in hours are from 0730-0930, with scheduled appointments starting at 1000.


Areas of Responsibility Include:


  1. Officer & Enlisted Records Review/Update:

Officers and Enlisted personnel may review/update their military records anytime during normal duty hours from 0730-1630.  Prior to visiting PPPWC, the Soldier should review their records online through their AKO account for accuracy.  If an update is required, the Soldier must obtain and bring all necessary documentations with them to PPPWC in order for the information to be annotated on the ERB/ORB.  All documents for updating will be uploaded into iPERMS/Soldier Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).

  1. Casualty Document Review/Update (DD Form 93):

Casualty documents are updated in the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO).  If the Soldier is adding or deleting an authorized dependent, they must first report to room 109 (ID Card Customer Service) counter to update DEERS. It takes approximately 24 hours after updating DEERS before you can update eMILPO.

  1. In-Out Processing and Installation Clearance:
  1. In-processing documents and processing procedures:

–  Receive a copy of the Soldier leave form (DA 31) and orders

–  Input Soldier arrival to the installation into eMILPO

–  Update DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data)

–  Instruct Soldier on updating Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and

the Family Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) thru the Online

Enrollment System (SOES)

–  Stamp orders with arrival information and gaining Brigade

–  Initiate in-processing for the One Stop In-processing Center (OSIP). Soldiers are

authorized 7 working days to in-process the installation

–  Instruct Soldiers on in-processing procedures and sponsorship survey

–  Soldier will be given in-processing schedule and checklist, a copy of their

updated ERB/ORB, stamped Orders and DA Form 31

During the first 6 days of in-processing, all Soldiers are required to attend in-processing briefings that involves:  Resiliency Training, Inspector General (IG), Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention (SHARP), Finance, School Liaison, Military Sponsorship, Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers (BOSS), Dental Activity (DENTAC), Army Continuing Education System (ACES), Moncrief Army Health Clinic (MAHC), Central Issuing Facility (CIF), Behavior Health, Family Advocacy Prevention (FAP), Security, Chaplain, American Red Cross, Housing on/off post, Physical Security/Weapon Registration, Personnel Identifiable Information (PII), Mail Handler (DS only), Local Hazards Safety Training, Suicide Prevention Overview, Intermediate Driving Training (ages 25 and below), Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP), and Record Review.

  1. Out-processing documents and processing procedures:

–  Soldier can pick up initial installation clearance papers 10 working days prior to

the start of either PCS, RET, ETS, transition leave, or PTDY leave

–  Obtain a copy of Soldiers PCS/ETS/RET orders and leave form (DA 31). The

Soldier’s leave form must have their leave dates thru the Soldiers report

date reflected on their orders

–  Input Soldiers information (if not already in the ISM system for pre-clearing)

–  Print out installation clearance papers

–  Highlight agencies Soldier are required to clear

–  Instruct Soldiers on completing the Sponsorship survey

–  Soldiers are required to complete final out-processing the day prior to the start

of the Soldiers leave, or the last business day prior to the start of leave

–  Make copies of all required documents for Soldier, one for their unit, and one for

transition section (when applicable) and maintain the original for filing

  1. Married Army Couples Program Enrollment (MACP):

Provisions of this section apply to RA Soldiers married to members of the RA, other US Military services, or Reserve components.  Soldiers married to civilian are not included.  Married Army couples desiring joint assignment to establish a common household (joint domicile (JD) must request such assignment by enrolling in the MACP.  Application for enrollment must be submitted not later than 30 days from the date of marriage.  Marriage must be valid per AR 614-200, Chapter 5, and section 4.  Action based on intended marriage will not be considered even as an exception to policy.  Only one Soldier is required to request enrollment in the MACP when both Soldiers are serviced by the same HRC/HRD.  Signatures of both Soldiers are required; otherwise both must apply.

  1. Name Change Request:

Primary reference is AR 600-8-104.  Request for change of name of birth data as recorded on official Army records must be initiated by a signed request (DA Form 4187) to the Commander.  Authority for approval is delegated to the immediate commander or an appropriate designee.  Minor changes involving spelling, correction of transposed names, or the addition or deletion of, Jr., Sr., III, or a middle name may be accomplished on the individuals signed request without documentation.  Required forms; DA Forms DA Form 2475-2, 4187, DD Form 5, SSA Form OAAN-7003, VA Form 29-8286, and un-number Post Card (SSA).


  1. DA Centralized Promotion Board Actions:

Eligible officers may review their records online prior to the board by accessing by board file (MBF) ICON at
Eligible noncommissioned officers my review their records online prior to the board by logging on to the EREC at, click on the Indianapolis (EREC) and then click on promotion file.  Once in the promotion file, click on promotion ERB and follow the instructions,


  1. Statement of Service Request:

When a Statement of Service is required, the Soldier should contact PPPWC, customer service at (803) 751-7673


  1. Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP):

The Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) location:  McWethy Troop Medical Clinic, 4575 Stuart Street.  For further information the Soldier may conduct the PPPWC customer service desk at (803)751-7673

  1. Records Review Procedures:

Every Soldier is required to complete a Personnel and Finance Records review during in-processing to a new duty station, annually thereafter, and prior to separation from the Army.  PPPWC will conduct record reviews during in-processing and out-processing Soldiers separating from the military.  Battalion/Brigades S1s will conduct annual reviews.  PPPWC will provide support with annual record reviews upon request and by appointment only.

  1. Transition Processing:

The Transition Section where our mission is to provide quality service to the Commanders and Soldiers assigned to Fort Jackson. Transition function involves processing separations orders, separations documents (DD Forms 214).  Separation processing is a key link in the installation’s transition services.  PPPWC-P Transition Section prepares the orders and separation documents for all Permanent Party Soldiers.

Q: What is a DD Form 214?

A DD Form 214 is a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty that summarize your current and prior active duty service, awards, and schooling completed.

Q: What documents are needed for my DD Form 214 when I REFRAD?

An enlisted Soldier will need a current ERB, and a copy of the initial DD Form 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 (if you were under Delayed Entry Program) for the current time period. An Officer will need a current ORB, DA Form 71 (Oath of Office) and orders that accessed him/her to active duty.  Both Enlisted/Officers will need all prior DD Form 214s, DD Form 220’s (Report of active duty), and all awards and orders for overseas tours that are not listed on the ERB or ORB.

Q: When will I receive my separation orders?

Enlisted Soldiers who are ETSing and Officers who are resigning will receive orders 90 days prior to the start of their separation date or start of transition leave.

Q: When will I receive my DD Form 214?

You will receive your DD Form 214 after receiving the final clearance packet from the Installation out-processing.

Q: If I lose my copy of the DD Form 214 how can I retrieve another?

A copy of the DD Form 214 should have been scanned to your OMPF after your retirement or separation date. You may access AKO to view your OMPF and print a copy. If the DD 214 is not on your OMPF you can contact the nearest military Transition Center for them to retrieve a copy for you, or you can go online to the national archive website:

5450 Strom Thurmond Blvd, Room 200, Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday Hours: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

    (*We will be closed on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month from: 1330hrs- 1700 hrs*)