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If you have just arrived from another installation, you may be waiting for delivery of your household goods (HHG). Here are some tips that may help the process go more smoothly. It is always good to have a family member or friend around at the time of delivery. If your delivery is scheduled for a time when you will be alone, try to reschedule for a time when you will have at least one other person with you. At the time of delivery, list all the damage or loss noticed at delivery on the DD Form 1840 (Pink Form), 1850 or Notice of Loss/Damage AT Delivery form BEFORE the movers leave. Make sure the carrier’s representative also SIGNS the form that lists the damaged or missing items. Also, remember that you have a right to request that the movers unpack your household goods. Often, movers will not do this unless you specifically make the request. During the process, make sure you take the time to carefully check-off delivered items from the inventory and inspect large or high-value items before you sign the inventory. The carrier or the military claims office may not compensate you for missing items, especially high-value items, if you have marked them as received.


Any damage or loss noticed AFTER delivery should be noted on the DD 1840R (the reverse side of the pink form), 1851 (the reverse side of the 1850) or the Notice of Loss/Damage AFTER Delivery (the reverse of the AT Delivery form.) You must also submit the DD 1840R, 1851 or AFTER Delivery form directly to the carrier within 75 days of delivery either by fax or by on DPS line (move.mil). You should come to the Fort Jackson Claims Office for information and assistance regarding the notice forms.

If you have any questions or need any assistance related to a claim, please do not hesitate to contact the Fort Jackson Claims Office at 803-751-3603. We are located at 2600 Lee Road, Fort Jackson, SC 29207. Do not hesitate to ask for help before you miss the 75 day deadline.

Please remember the carrier is not required to honor claims for your loss or damage if you do not submit your DD 1840R, 1851 or AFTER Delivery form within 75 days. The carrier may also require additional information or documentation to substantiate your loss. The carrier may ask for things like original purchase receipts or pictures of the item.

There are other deadlines that you must meet in order to properly file your claim. You must submit your claim with the carrier within nine (9) months to receive full replacement value for the lost or destroyed items. If you miss the nine month deadline, you can still file your claim for depreciated value within two (2) years. The Fort Jackson Claims Office will help you with any questions related to those deadlines.

If your move was under the DP3 shipment, you have to log in to www.move.mil, register on the DPS (Defense Personal Property System), and request a Password (PW). The PW and your SSN allow you to log in to DPS and submit your loss/damage reports and file a claim. It is up to you to ensure the responsible carrier receives your information on DPS. Please give them a call to verify receipt. If you encounter any problems, please call 803-751-3603 or visit the Fort Jackson Claims Office. Please ensure all documents related to the shipment are available when you call or visit the office at 2600 Lee Road, Fort Jackson, SC 29207. This will maximize our ability to provide assistance.

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