AIT PSG Course

AIT PSG Course,
Fort Jackson, South Carolina




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Staff Duty: 803-751-6011

DSN: 803-734-6011

9574 Marion Ave,Fort Jackson SC, 29207

DoD Safe Help Line: 1-877-995-5247

Fort Jackson SHARP Hotline: 803-543-3085

Welcome to the United States Army Drill Sergeant Academy Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant Course.

The Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant Course (AITPSGC) is conducted at the United States Army Drill SergeantAcademy at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

This course is designed to teach you the standards expected of noncommissioned officers while performing duties as a AIT PSG.


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Drill Sergeant Course

Welcome to the Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant Course (AITPSGC). The AITPSG Course is conducted at the United States Army Drill Sergeant School at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The course is designed to train and prepare NCOs to perform duties across the Army as AITPSGs, and continue the Soldierization process of the Army’s newest members once they graduate from Basic Combat Training.

For more information on the prerequisites for the course please see the Preparing for the Course section of this web site.


Your Report Day is Sunday (the day prior to your course Start Date in ATRRS ).Upon arrival to Fort Jackson, students who are attending the AITPSG Course will report to the United States Army Drill Sergeant (USADSS) barracks at building 9576, located on the corner of Kemper Street and Pickens Avenue. Upon arrival you will receive your billeting assignments and further instructions. NOTE: Students WILL NOT be assigned a barracks room prior to 1200 hrs on their Report Day. Those arriving earlier than their scheduled Report Date will coordinate their own lodging at their own expense; no exceptions.

All meals during the AITPSGC will be provided at a Dining Facility, a meal card will be provided upon arrival.

The following forms must be filled out prior to arrival and be turned in during inprocessing.

Commander’s Checklist
•Psychological Evaluation (2 copies)
•DA Form 1610 – DTS orders (2 copies)
•Medical Waiver if you are over 40 and over (note:medical clearance must state “Cleared for AIT PSG duty”)(2 copies)
•DA Form 7424 – Sensitive Duty Assignment Questionnaire (2 copies)
•Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) (2 copies)
•ID card/ ID Tags
•Proof of extension or re-enlistment (if ERB does not show currect ETS)

Use of motorcycles by AIT Platoon Sergeant Candidates and bringing Privately Owned Weapons / Firearms are strictly prohibited.


Non – Ft. Jackson PSGCs must DELETE their home station domain computer accounts before arriving to the AITPSGC. Additionally, Information Assurance Awareness Training must be current for 90 days after proposed completion of the AITPSGC. This will facilitate the creation of a student computer account at the AITPSGC that will remain active for the duration of the course. Failure to do so will make it EXTREMELY difficult for the PSGC to access student materials in the classrooms to enhance learning. Please see your servicing S-6 for assistance.

Hot Topics!!!!
•Ensure boots are in compliance with AR 670-1 and DA PAM 670-1, unauthorized boots are prohibited at the Drill Sergeant Academy. Click link for more inromations. Boot Evaluation

•Effective10 Oct 2013: Students should watch these instructional D&C Videos to prepare themselves for the first week of AIT Platoon Sergeant Course..

•AIT Platoon Sergeant Candidates (PCSs) are required to know Drill and Ceremony IAW TC 3-21.5, Drill and Ceremony. To facilitate in their basic knowledge it is recommended that they read chapters 2-3 and know the first three basic movements and positions: Position of Attention, Rest Positions at the Halt, and the Hand Salute, before they arrive. Platoon Sergeant Candidates (PSCs) should also be familiar with FM 7-22 Army Physical Training.

•Effective 1 Oct 2015: The MRTC will be conducted upon graduation of the AITPSC. Those attending MRT will be billeted at on-post lodging by MRT (MTSA Funded) upon graduation of AITPSG course.


“Training Travel Guidance for US Army Training Center and Fort Jackson” from Department of the Army. Please download the memo for the specific DA Policy.

Contact the AIT PSG Branch at HRC for questions concerning volunteering, your packet, or any other questions about entering the AIT PSG program.

The AIT PSG Branch at HRC is the only authority that can remove you from this course or defer your Start Date. Please have your chain of command contact HRC if there is any reason you cannot attend the course.