Drill & Ceremony

Drill & Ceremony,
Fort Jackson, South Carolina

“Military history reveals that armies throughout the world participated in some form of drill. The primary value of drill, historically, is to prepare troops for battle. For the most part, the drill procedures practiced are identical to the tactical maneuvers employed on the battlefield. Drill enables commanders to quickly move their forces from one point to another, mass their forces into a battle formation that affords maximum firepower, and maneuver those forces as the situation develops.”

Drill and Ceremonies are goverened under TC 3-21.5 (CAC Restricted – Official Publication Repository).

PURPOSE: ┬áThe purpose of drill is to enable a commander or noncommissioned officer to move his unit from one place to another in an orderly manner; to aid in disciplinary training by instilling habits of precision and response to the leader’s orders; and to provide for the development of all Soldiers in the practice of commanding troops.

On these pages are a collection of training videos developed to assist Drill Sergeant Candidates with preparation for attendance to the Drill Sergeant School. However, they can provide a valuable training aide to any Soldier who wishes to improve their understanding and proper execution of drill. These videos and directions were developed IAW the January 2012 publication of TC 3-21.5.

The videos are grouped together by category below. However, if you want to see all the videos together you can go directly to the Vimeo Channel.

The drill and ceremony training videos are grouped into the following categories: