Basic Combat Training


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Forward March

This site provides a direct link between the Soldiers attending Basic Combat Training, the leaders responsible for their training, and you! We encourage you to come back often and follow along as your Soldier progresses through BCT.

You can find information about locating your soldier HERE

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A little about the BCT experience can be found HERE

Basic Combat Training, often referred to as just BCT, is the introduction Soldiers receive as they enter the Army. It is often considered a life-changing experience, something that people remember, reflect on, and tell stories to their grandchildren about decades later.

BCT is not easy“as we often say here, there is nothing basic about Basic Training.”

BCT takes 10 weeks to complete. Unlike schools which typically have between six and seven hours a day of teaching, the Army trains for about 12-14 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. We try to avoid too much sitting in a classroom…but it does happen:



We also spend a little bit of time outside; getting some fresh air and, when the opportunity presents itself, a little exercise:

Some new career tools you will receive upon joining the service come with new learning instructions like:

March in full geerHow to walk in full Battle Uniform
Learn to fightHow to Fight
Throw Hand Grenades How to throw Hand Grenades
How to keep Breathing
Jump through Hoops How to Jump through Hoops
How to fire a WeaponHow to fire a Weapon
Soldiers RappellingHow to be an overcomer Saulte

How to Salute

Run through smoke

How to run through Smoke

After the ten weeks of Basic Combat Training if you have achieved all your required training assignments, you now receive the right to become an elite soldier and have the distinguished honor to graduate.

Basic Combat Training Graduation