Terms & Acronyms

Terms & Acronyms

AAR – After Action Review

ACU – Army Combat Uniform

ARM – Advanced Rifle Marksmanship

Anzio – Fort Jackson Range named after the Italian town made famous in World War II. Units conduct Convoy Live Fire Training at this range.

Article 15 – Section of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that provides for swift non-judicial punishment for minor offenses.

BAC – Bayonet Assault Course.

Bay – Most BCT Companies have 4 bays where soldiers sleep. Each bay can accommodate 60 Soldiers. There are usually 3 male bays and 1 female bay in each company. some units do not have bays and soldiers sleep in rooms of 2-4 per room.

BDE – Brigade

BN – Battalion

BRM – Basic Rifle Marksmanship

Chain of Command – The organized structure through which military authority is exercised.

Chip – Individual Movement Technique Range – named for Chip-Youn-Ni, Korea

CO or Company – A Basic Combat Training unit containing as many as 250 Soldiers. Several companies make up a battalion. Several battalions make up a brigade.

COE – The Contemporary Operating Environment. The global environment faced by Soldiers today. It is typified by a non-linear battlefield, a hard-to-distinguish enemy, and complex situations requiring Soldiers who are well-trained and able to react properly under stress in ambiguous circumstances.

DFAC – Dining Facility

Event Trail – A course made up of several obstacles designed to teach Squad Movement.

Forward Deployed – Some Soldiers will be forward deployed to a BCT unit before training actually starts and they will finish in processing there before the start of training.

FTC – Fitness Training Company. Unit in the 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) that gets injured Soldiers physically and mentally ready to return to Basic Combat Training.

FTW – The fit to Win Course – a physically demanding layout of horizontal obstacles Soldiers complete as a squad.

FTX – Field Training Exercise.

Hot A’s – Hot food served to Soldiers while in the field. The ‘A’ comes from the meal’s designation in the Army Food Ration Cycle. The Meal, Ready-to-eat (MRE) is designated as a ‘C’ – so a typical ration cycle featuring a hot breakfast, MRE for lunch, and hot dinner would be known in the ‘system’ as an A-C-A cycle.

IN – Inspection

INF – Infantry

ITT – Individual Tactical Techniques

Land Nav – Land Navigation

LES – Leave and Earnings Statement

MOPP – Mission Oriented Protective Posture (Gas Msk, Chemical-Protective Overgarment, etc.)

MRD – Mandatory Release Date -the date a ‘Split Option’ Soldier must return home to begin the senior year of high school.

MRE – Meal, Ready to Eat.

NBC – Nuclear Biological Chemical training. normally includes exposure to riot control agent in a controlled setting.

New Start – Soldiers who do not meet graduation requirements are transferred to another BCT company or battalion to retrain and meet the requirements for graduation.

NIC – Night Infiltration Course – where Soldiers learn to move at night while exposed to the lights and sounds of the battlefield.

OCS – Officer Candidate School

Omaha – Live fire range named after one of the beaches in Normandy, France where allied forces landed in World War II. Soldiers learn to shoot, move and communicate as a team of two, under battlefield conditions here.

PLT – Platoon – In a BCT company there are normally four platoons, each with three Drill Sergeants.

POV – Privately Owned Vehicle – not allowed for Soldiers in Basic Combat Training or Advanced Individual Training.

PT – Physical Training

PTRP – Physical Training Rehabilitation Program conducted by the Fitness Training Company

Red Cross – If there is an emergency message for a soldier in training it will have to be sent via the Red Cross.

REGT – Regiment

Remagen – Live hand grenade range named after the city in Germany depicted in the World War II movie “A Bridge at Remagen.” The Ludendorf Bridge at Remagen was the last intact bridge across the Rhein River and was captured intact in March 1945 by the U.S. 9th Armored Division – allowing Allied Forces a ‘dry’ means to cross into Germany.

one summer, and AIT the next summer.

STX – Situational Training Exercise. Soldiers face and react to various battlefield scenarios based on the Contemporary Operating Environment.

Summer Surge – This is a term for the Summer season at Fort Jackson. Normally, during the summer months there are more Soldiers in training than at any other time of the year.

SQD – Squad – there are normally four squads in a platoon. Each squad will consist of a number of Soldiers determined by the size of the platoon.

TDC – Teamwork Development Course – a series of complex tasks Soldiers negotiate as a team. The situations are complex and physically demanding. Soldiers are given minimal guidance and minimal equipment – but have to work together to solve the problem.

UCMJ – Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Victory Forge – This is a 7-day operation, in the field, that culminates Basic Combat Training. Soldiers have the opportunity to put all their skill developed during BCT in action here.

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