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Workforce Development

Workforce Development (WFD) Program

Welcome to Fort Jackson USAG Civilian Workforce Development

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Sustain a multi-skilled Installation Management workforce with the knowledge, capabilities, skills, and opportunities to successfully and innovatively deliver our products and services to Soldiers, Families, and Civilians around the world.



  • Human Capital Management (HCM)

◊ The HCM strategy will incorporate accession planning and execution, employee and leader development, and succession planning and execution in order to recruit, train, retain and succession plan a quality work force that delivers services to standard with a spirit of service excellence.

  • DoD Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP)

◊ Encourage an environment where others feel free to contribute openly and candidly in order to create a unit that is posed to recognize and adapt to change.  Develop leaders who are approachable, show respect for others’ opinions, and who welcome contrary view points or unconventional ideas.

  • Skill Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED) Program

◊ The professional development of a competent, educated, and motivated workforce is the key to successful execution of our mission today and for the future.  This program is designed to “Train, Motivate, and Sustain Quality Civilian Leaders,” and is open to all permanent employees up to GS-11, NAF, and WG equivalents assigned to USAG.

◊ Program I (Short-Term)

◊ Job Shadowing (JS):  The program is a 7-21 day voluntary engagement opportunity for employees to make contributions within the IMCOM profession.

◊ Local Development Assignments (LDA):  The program is a 30-90 day employee developmental opportunity to promote and support professional development for diverse learners.

◊ Program II (Long-Term)

◊ Formal Training:  Participants are eligible to complete Category 1 (GS-08 and below) and Category 2 (GS-09 to GS-11) formal (residential and on-line) training and developmental opportunities.

◊ Developmental Experience Opportunities (DEO):  The opportunities are non-traditional developmental activities in and outside of the organization.

◊ Mentoring Program

◊ This is a key program to grow multi-skilled and  adaptive leaders as well as resilient, sustainable, and healthy workforce.

  • On-Boarding for New Employees

◊ The Fort Jackson Garrison is committed to a comprehensive new employee on-boarding program.  The goal of the program is to assist sponsor and supervisor with requirements to effectively welcome new Civilian employees to the installation and ultimately build team cohesion.

  • Civilian Education System (CES)

◊ Transformation of the Army begins with educating the Army’s leaders.  The CES is a progressive and sequential leader development program that provides enhanced leader development and education opportunities for Army Civilians throughout their careers.  Army Civilians will become multi-skilled leaders who personify the warrior ethos in all aspects, from war-fighting support to statesmanship, to business management.  The CES provides the Army Civilian Corps self-development and institutional training (leader development) opportunities to develop leadership attributes through distance learning and resident training.

  • Army Career Tracker (ACT)

◊ The ACT is a leadership development tool that integrates training and education into one personalized, easy-to-use website.  Users can search multiple Army education and training resources, monitor their career development, and receive personalized advice from their supervisor and Army leadership.  If you are an Army Service Member, Army employee, or authorized contractor, log in to ACT (CAC required) ( to use all available ACT features and functionality.

  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Quality individual development planning is vital to assuring the current and future capability of our workforce in accomplishing IMCOM’s challenging mission.  When supervisors do their annual counseling sessions with their employees, they must assure that each employee has an IDP in place and that the plans are in alignment with the employee’s career plan.  Employee IDPs will identify specific, sequential and progressive training, education and professional development for functional specialties

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