Directorate of Plans (DPTMS)


“Directorate of Plans”

The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security directs and coordinates the Installation Garrison operations and training support activities while providing Force Protection, Mobilization and Demobilization/ Reserve Component training support, Force Modernization, Operational Planning and Emergency Operations functions, in order to provide a focused training environment in order to support the Soldiers, Families and Civilians of the Greater Fort Jackson Community.

Also included under the DPTMS organizational architecture is Plans, Operations, Training, Security, IOC, EOC, TSC, Range Operations & Scheduling.

For all numbers dial commercial 803-751-XXXX or DSN 734-XXXX


  • DPTMS Director_______________7524
  • DPTMS SGM__________________9973
  • DPTMS Secretary______________7523
  • CHIEF, TSC__________________4619
  • CHIEF, Security_______________6935
  • CHIEF, Operations_____________9031
  • CHIEF,  Collective Training______6832
  • CHIEF, EOC/IOC______________6018
  • CHIEF, Individual Training_______6937
  • Ammunition Manager___________4352
  • RFMSS Functional Administrator__4920
  • ITAM Coordinator______________4184
  • Range Operation Officer_________9650
  • Mobilization___________________6270