Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO)


Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) Information

List of Current Environmental Compliance Officers (ECOs) (June 2016)Administrative Environmental Compliance Officer Training

ECO Green Binder Documents

Every ECO must have a binder or folder containing all of the following documents.
Click the links to download a copy and print (two-sided please).

  • Binder Templates (contains the index, dividers, contact list, website list, ECO poster, Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form, and Spill Response Plan)
  • Index – See Binder Templates
  • Section 1: Environmental Compliance Officer
    • Your ECO Appointment Orders
    • ECO Course Training Certificates – Obtained from attending ECO Course. Please include certificates of Primary and Alternate ECO.
    • Hazardous Substance Management Training Certificate (If Applicable) – Obtained from Hazardous Substance Management Training. Required for all personnel involved in handling or storing hazardous materials or waste. Contact Heather Thomas (751-4231) to schedule training.
    • Annual Environmental Awareness Training Records (Course Material and Attendance Roster) – Records of training given in your areas.
    • Sustainability Management System (SMS) Training Certificate – Obtained from Sustainability Management System Training. Contact Tameria Warren (751-9505) to schedule training.
    • Annual SMS Training Records (Course Material and Attendance Roster) – Records of training given in your areas.
  • Section 2: Environmental Resources
    • Environmental Point of Contact List – See Binder Templates
    • Environmental Websites – See Binder Templates (Can be used as training aids)
    • ECO Poster – See Binder Templates – MUST be prominently displayed on Safety Board and at or near Hazardous Materials storage areas!
  • Section 3: Environmental Compliance Assessment Records/Documents
  • Section 4: Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form (HCIF)
  • Section 5: Environmental Compliance Resource Documents/Regulations
  • Section 6: Spill Response
    • Spill Response Plan – Must be posted near all above ground storage tanks and storage areas