tacom headerTACOM FMX
BLDG 2604 Lee Rd
Fort Jackson, SC 29206


TACOM FMX, Fort Jackson has the “enduring mission” to maximize TRADOC Training Based Equipment readiness by providing responsive, reliable and uninterrupted field level maintenance support to TRADOC training fleets/equipment in support of the Basic Combat Training Center located at Fort Jackson and ensures the availability of equipment to meet the TRADOC “training load”. To serve as a single point of entry for field maintenance of Training Based Equipment which allows the TRADOC Commanders to focus on their primary mission, “TRAINING”.



To provide our TRADOC customers with world class field level maintenance support, now and into the future. We are a ready, relevant, and a precise team in thought and in action. We must maintain our core field level maintenance competencies and have the flexibility to assume new missions and execute in a competent, confident and professional manner. We will maintain a constant accountability of our support equipment and our employee’s. We will care for TRADOCs equipment as though it is our own and will account for our employee’s genuine welfare. Supervisors at all levels must keep current situational awareness to anticipate situations before they become problems. As a team we will succeed in our field level maintenance mission and we will take care of one another.