Fort Jackson, South Carolina

“Serving People Is Our Business”


On behalf of the Commanding General, BG Bradley Becker and the Post Command Sergeant Major, CSM William Hain, we would like to welcome you to Fort Jackson and Columbia, South Carolina. Fort Jackson is located in the state capitol of South Carolina. Columbia is a metropolitan region with a population of over 400,000 and offers a diversity of experiences and attractions. Columbia displays its patriotism proudly and is glad to be the home of Fort Jackson, the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the U.S. Army. The Fort Jackson/Columbia area is a moderate cost-of-living area.

IAW AR 600-8-8 the Total Army Sponsorship Program shall be executed to the fullest extent possible making it mandatory for Soldiers in the rank of Private (E-1) thru Colonel (O-6) and for civilians in grades GS-15 and below to participate in the Total Army Sponsorship Program. Family members who transition without their sponsor (e.g., deployments, extended training, etc.) will also be offered sponsorship.

To benefit from the Fort Jackson Total Army Sponsorship Program it is essential that Soldiers formally request sponsorship by completing DA Form 5434 (Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet) immediately upon receiving notification that they are being assigned to Fort Jackson. The DA Form 5434 must be filled out completely and emailed to :DHR Sponsorship The DA Form 5434 is the “trigger” that sets in motion all the support mechanisms that the Total Army Sponsorship Program can muster to help relocating personnel. If you have additional questions about the Total Army Sponsorship Program, email DHR Sponsorship.

Reporting to Fort Jackson

If you are reporting to Fort Jackson and you already know your unit, click on the unit  below.

US Army Dental Command

165th IN BDE


81st Regional Support Command

United States Army Garrison

Drill Sergeant School

193rd IN BDE BCT

Victory College

171st IN BDE

157th IN BDE

Sponsor a Spouse:

Army Community Services Outreach Program will sponsor newcomer spouses. This sponsorship program answers the spouse’s questions and assist in settling-in at Fort Jackson. A sponsor can be assigned to assist spouses, if interested. To request a sponsor, email usarmy.jackson.93-sig-bde.mbx.jackson-acs@mail.mil.

Youth Sponsorship Program

There is a Youth Sponsorship Program on Fort Jackson. Youth Sponsorship is a way to match up relocating military youth with youth already living in Columbia. Sponsors will answer their questions, send them information, give them a tour once they arrive, and assist them in making new friends. No one knows a place better from a military youth’s perspective than one already living here. To request a youth sponsor, email: Jackson.dfmwr.cyscer@us.army.mil.

If you are Drill Sergeant/Platoon Sergeant/Drill Sergeant Candidate, Click HERE (go to Strength Management webpage).